Wednesday, February 25, 2009

$15m from Vic gov to support collaborative web innovation

The Collaboarative Internet Innovation Fund is a new $15 million competitive grants program to accelerate the innovative use of the next generation of ICT (collaborative web technology web 2.0) by Victorian government, business and community.

This supports the proposition that the opportunity to achieve social change through collaborative web based solutions is vast.

From the Program Guidelines:

New web technologies present great opportunities for innovation through harnessing the power of networks, collective capabilities and large-scale information. As with all shifts in technologies, however, there will be a process of adapting and learning about how these new tools and capabilities can be best put to productive use.
cIIF will support leaders in Victoria to take a step-change now and ‘learn by doing’. The program will build capability for ICT-enabled innovation in the State, and generate information and models to support more widespread adoption of new technologies.

The learn by doing philosophy is encouraging. No rules yet. And community organisations, particularly ones with existing web based services are in an advantageous position to benefit and learn. Expressions of Interest close March 5. Time to get cracking methinks.

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